Herbal Hair Oil


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INGREDIENTS: Cold-Pressed Golden Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor oil, Horsetail, Oat Straw, Rosemary (herb), Rosemary Essential Oil

**All Organic Ingredients**

Sun & Moo's Herbal Hair Oil is a 30-day herbal sun-infused combination of oils that nourish the scalp. This all-encompassing hair oil is beneficial for thinning hair, boosts growth, nourishes brittle hair, reduces dandruff and aids in rejuvenation.  

This oil is perfect for preventing & tightening wrinkles, skin rejuvenation, new cell growth, preventing sun damage, and those seeking clear & glowing skin. 

  • Made with sun-infused organic herbs
  • Promotes healthy, shiny, fuller hair
  • Strengthens the the hair root by improving hair follicles.

Smells like: earthy, rosemary-infused

Consult with doctor if pregnant or breastfeeding!

1. ORGANIC COLD-PRESSED JOJOBA OIL: Soothes the scalp, repairs breakage, controls dandruff. Rich in many vitamins and minerals that promote healthy hair, jojoba oil is the perfect oil to tame frizz and nourish the scalp. Due to its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, jojoba oil can help restore the scalp’s natural moisture and pH balance without upsetting the sebaceous glands.

2. ORGANIC SWEET ALMOND OIL: Almond oil is an emollient, meaning it can fill in gaps in your hair at a cellular level. That makes your hair feel smoother to the touch. Using almond oil on your hair gives it a softer texture over time. Once almond oil is incorporated into your hair care routine, you may also notice that your hair is easier to comb through and style.

3. ORGANIC CASTOR OIL Rich in omega and fatty acids. It is very thick in nature and penetrates very easily on the scalp. It is beneficial for both skin, hair, and health.  Castor oil also helps with the stimulation of elastin and collagen production.It also helps in reducing dandruff and flaky skin and improves the blood circulation of the scalp.

4. ORGANIC HORSETAIL Since it’s a real vitamin + mineral bombits very helpful for hair issues. Due to its high dosage of Silica, Horsetail can help if your hair is thinning out: increases hair elasticity and resistance, decreases breakage and fragile hairs, and strengthens and lubricates hair strands.

5. ORGANIC OAT STRAW:  Oatstraw is rich in silica and calcium - two minerals which are active stimulators of growth, especially of bones, hair, and nails. This herb is especially beneficial in cases where hair loss and thinning are linked to chronic stress and anxiety. 

6. ORGANIC ROSEMARY (HERBS & EO): This can help withIt can help boost hair growth, reduce scalp conditions, increase hair thickness and improve hair luster and shine. A study shows rosemary to be as effective as Minodixil 2% for hair growth! Rosemary contains ‘carnosic acid’, its active ingredient. This ingredient is  a plant compound that helps heal these damaged nerve endings and can help rejuvenate the damaged hair follicles and restore active hair growth.

 ***How to use: apply onto hair 2-3 hours before hair wash. Apply semi-generously on the scalp - enough to fully coat hair, but not to soak it. With your hair scrubber or your fingers, massage into your scalp for 5 minutes. You can add a few drops to the ends of your hair as well. Shampoo and remove fully. Can be worn overnight with a hair wrap. ***