How can we help?

In June of 2022, Emilie from OrganicDarlings reached out to Angelika and asked if she wanted to try some of her tallow products. Angelika responded by saying that she was actually wanting to start her own tallow company: could Emilie help her out? 


About 8 months later, after Angelika started the hugely successful company Sun & Moo with Emilie's guidance, they realized they could create something truly amazing if they merged their two companies. Angelika is amazing at marketing, social media, and promoting products. Emilie loves coming up with new formulas, happy labels and managing the business side. 

It took them months to bring their companies together, and to come up with some new products.

Here's what you can expect: 

- The same formulas (for the most part, except for The Rose which now was Baobab and Rosehip Oil in it!)

- Out of stock way less often (after we launch, we're guessing our first few months we will sell out very quickly!)

- Faster shipping

- Way more consistent products: when we made our products by hand it was really hard to get the same exact product each time. Now that it's made in a professional environment, you'll find that the products always feel and look the same

A note from Emilie: If you're coming here from OrganicDarlings: hi! Thank you for following me over here. Over the past few years of owning this business, it has grown to a level I never expected. As such, I've had a hard time staying in stock and shipping products out quickly. With this merge, we've been able to get an awesome family owned business to make our products for us, and another family owned business to ship them out quickly. The products are almost all the same, the labels are the same, but the logo is different.

We did come up with a few new products together that I think you'll love: The Sunny One for pre/post-sun care, and The Queen, a luxurious balm for aging skin. 

If there are products from my website that you're not seeing, don't worry, they should all be coming over soon. We just had to pick a few products to invest in first, and then we'll be able to increase our inventory.