Magnesium Tallow (Unscented)


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INGREDIENTS: Grass-fed & Grass-finished Suet Tallow, Magnesium Chloride Oil

Sun & Moo's Magnesium Tallow (Unscented) is perfect as a daily massage balm to increase your magnesium levels topically. We like to apply it to our inner thighs, wrists, and on the soles of our feet.

  • Made with Magnesium Chloride

Smells like: unscented 

Learn more about the key ingredients:

1. ORGANIC GRASS-FED & GRASS-FINISHED SUET TALLOW: Unparalleled in its ability to nourish & heal the skin. Our tallow is 100% grass-fed and contains all of the nutritional benefits that our skin craves. 

2. MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE OIL: helps treat/prevent magnesium deficiency and absorbs quickly through your skin. 

This product is the result of a merge between OrganicDarlings and Sun & Moo. If you've come from OrganicDarlings, you'll notice that the ingredients are the same, and the design is too, but the logo is different.