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Before/After photos of customers with acne & blemishes

Product used: Simple One

Product used: Age Reverse

Products used: Age Reverse & Mend Blend. She had these results within a month!

"I’ve been struggling with cystic acne for 4 years now. I was using toxic skincare to combat it, I had a 6-step skincare regimen for years but it only made my skin more inflamed and angry! I started using the tallow over 6 weeks ago now and it has already healed my bumps, redness and scars. I only washed my face with warm water and used the tallow Read more about review stating I’ve been struggling with cystic2x a day. I truly believe in the anti-inflammatory qualities of this product! I’m obsessed!"

Product used: Simple One

Product used: Mend Blend. She had results after 4 months of using our tallow.

Product used: Mend Blend.

"Amazing tallow! changed my skin for the better and I just love that it’s all natural!"

Before/After photos of customers with skin irritation and redness

Product used: Mend Blend. 

Product used: The Healer.

"This is one of my favorite tallow balms! I use it as an everyday moisturizer. My niece was staying at my house for a couple of days and she has really dry skin. I put the healer on her a couple of times and the redness has gone down significantly. Highly recommend!"

Product used: The Healer.

"I purchased the tallow with the intention to use on my little ones face after every time he would eat! I like to do a light layer of soap wash after he eats and it was drying out his skin. Aside from using it for this reason, my other son had a huge scratch near his eye. I decided to use the tallow for the scratch 2-3 times a day. I started ThursdRead more about review stating Healer- Superb for scratches; Doesn’t scab thicklyay night and by Sunday night it was already gone. What I really loved about the tallow is that it did not make the wound scab thickly! I usually used triple antibiotic cream but it would make the wounds scab thickly! Overall I’m loving it and will use again for their scratches."

Product used: The Healer.

"I have been useing these 2 products for about 5 months. Hormonal acne is something I cannot beat. I also have dry skin near my nose and chin but oily skin everywhere else. These two products together have made such a huge difference! Before photo shows acne flare up& after just 5 days, these 2 magical tallows helped clear it up🥰 Highly recommend!"

Product used: The Healer.

"We purchased the healer after visiting doctors and dermatologist for itchy spots on my daughters arm. After several different appointments no one had answers for us. I ordered this after she was crying one night because it itches so bad. The first picture is July and the second picture is sept. This has worked wonders for her unknown skin issue. It also has become a quick family favorite. My husband uses it on his dry hands and I use it on my face after washing. We are all fan of the healer! For anyone hesitant this stuff works and is totally worth the money!

Product used: Mend Blend.

"I never used to have skin issues growing up and up until this past year, I’ve been having ongoing issues with my skin from redness, bumps, dryness and flaking. I tried almost everything I could to get it back and I was having a lot of self esteem issues as well. Nothing was working and old issues kept coming up again and again. I came across Sun aRead more about review stating I never used to havend Moon tallow and I honestly can’t imagine doing anything else. My skin care routine is filtered water and tallow. That’s it! I cannot say how thankful I am or how much I appreciate this product. The simplicity and quality of the Mend Blend has really saved my skin. I’m a forever customer and now tell everyone about it"

Product used: Mend Blend.

"First picture is Nov 5th when I started the mend blend. Second picture is December 11th. I was four months into an autoimmune flare and nothing else has touched what your tallow whip has been able to do in a month. It was painful, flaky and inflamed. Finally feeling like its under control"

Before/After photos of customers with eczema

Product used: The Healer.

"This is the best and the only product I use religiously day and night. Had a rash / eczema flare up recently and the Healer + infrared light therapy have been speeding up the healing process. The scarring on my neck has visibly lightened and both photos are only 2 weeks apart. I love everything about this balm and have been recommending it to everRead more about review stating Holy grail.yone i know. I live in the Netherlands but it’s 100% worth the shipping costs and delivery time for the quality of this product. "

Product used: The Healer.

"My hands have been dry since December. My pinky would crack and bleed every day. I tried every lotion out there, Aquaphor, neosporin, bandages…nothing had lasting results. I heard about this product, began using it, and the cracks in my pinky went away the next day! My hands still aren’t fully healed, in part due to some digestive issues I’m working through, but this balm has been a real game changer!"

Product used: Mend Blend

"I got the mend blend to help relieve the eczema I have on my hands. The lotion goes on great and feels good. I think it did a pretty good job relieving my eczema, I know it won’t 100% heal it but it has gotten a bit better. Pictures our 7 days apart"

Product used: The Soother

"I first started using the soother for my daughters eczema. It helped soothe her dry skin. I also had a crack under my earlobe for months and it wouldn’t heal. I used the soother just a few times and it healed it completely. I was super impressed. The most impressive has to be my daughter’s ears. She is highly allergic to many types of earrings, even the the medical grade plastic. I tried a special type of earring that was supposedly great for very sensitive ears and as you can see in the picture, it made her ears so bad. She bled and they just looked raw, poor baby. After just a couple of applications it’s gotten 97% better and I know it will be 100% in just a few days!! See pictures below. First one is the before of her left ear and the other two are the after, one of the left ear and the other of the right. As you can see the right ear healed faster but the left is catching up. I highly recommend the soother! I’m going to try the others too since I know how amazing the soother is"

Product used: The Healer

"My daughter had very red raw chapped hands from lots of hand washing and probably not rinsing soap off well. Also it’s a dry winter here! I only used the Healer balm two times and it helped her hands IMMENSELY! We love these tallow products! Super high quality, luxurious and effective."

Before/After photos of customers with burns

Product used: The Healer.

"I had a horrible chemical burn on my leg April 13th of this year. It was severe enough that it was categorized as a 2nd degree burn, the entire area affected was fleshy, shiny, and bright red/angry.

Multiple spots blistered and it was extremely painful for the next month. I went through that first month and kept it clean and covered per MD advisemsent. I used a salve similar to Aquaphor that was medical grade given to me from the burn MD. After approximately a month I followed up with burn and was referred to a dermatologist due to the scarring and hyperpigmentation that was left behind. The next appointment left me so discouraged. I was told that the scarring and hyperpigmentation was likely permanent and that the best they could offer me was to let the area heal/rest for a year and then I could try in office laser treatments and Rx grade skin bleach to lighten the area, if I chose to, these treatments would be expensive and painful. When I got home from that appointment I was so upset and cried a lot over it. At this point it was more of a vanity issue, but I couldn't imagine never wearing shorts or a sun dress without this obvious scarring being on display for all to see.

During Emilie's Memorial day sale I decided to purchase 'The Healer' and see what would happen to the scarred area. I had previously had great results with her Aging Gracefully and Acne/Blemish tallows on my face. At the very least, I figured there is no way it could get any worse, what do I have to lose? I've applied The Healer every evening since I got it during the sale (so really only a little over two weeks and the results are mind blowing.) The hyperpigmentation and scarring have lessened dramatically. I followed up this week with my dermatologist and she was blown away, she had me show her all my photos again from throughout the last two months and pulled up my initial in office photos of the area as well because the difference was so drastic. She asked what I used and admitted she had never even heard of tallow as a skin product. All this to say, I now look back and think what if I'd used this tallow product, or perhaps any of them earlier in the healing process of this burn? Thank You, Emilie for this wonderful product, you have made me a lifetime customer and dare I say opened even a dermatology practitioner's eyes to a more natural approach to skin injury and healing! As a reference, the first photo is from May before using the Healer (you can tell the skin is healed from initial burn but the scarring and pigmentation is pronounced.) The second photo is from today, June 17th."

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