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Why beef tallow? Tallow, also known as rendered fat, has been used for centuries as skincare. Tallow is incredible for our skin because it provides a rich source of beneficial nutrients that the skin craves. Tallow is also noncomedogenic. Since it is so compatible with how our skin is made and our skin’s natural sebum, tallow works with our skin to moisturize, soothe, and repair it without clogging pores. Tallow contains bioavailable vitamin A, B12, D, E, K and other fatty acids that soften, moisturize and regenerate our skin.

Where do you source your tallow? Our tallow is sourced from a 5th generation family farm located in sunny California. They harvest their animals once every 3 months and are 100% grass-fed AND finished. They are not in season all year round so we stock up as much as we can when it is available :)

Why jojoba oil? We use jojoba as our carrier oil because it is nearly bio-identical to the skin sebum, which is a natural oil produced by our skin. Olive oil/shea butter/coconut oil can easily clog pores due to its comedogenic nature. Jojoba oil gets absorbed quickly by the skin without leaving greasy residues like many other oils do & it has a much higher price due to its great demand as a skin care product from people with acne problems because of its resemblance to human sebum.

How long do our products last? The shelf life of pure beef tallow is about 12-18 months while refrigerated and will last years in the freezer. On the counter, tallow lasts for roughly 8-10 months. It does not spoil or mold as long as it isn't exposed to air or moisture. We would recommend storing your product away from light and extreme temperature change. Our products are kept in amber-colored jars that help prevent light damage.

How long will one jar last me? We recommend that you use our products daily or at least 5 days a week to see skin improvement and full benefit. It is estimated that one 2oz jar will last 1-2 months depending on amount and frequency. Luckily, a little goes a long way. We recommend using about the size of 1/2 a penny at first and working it into the skin. If you use the right amount, tallow balm is not greasy on skin. It can take practice to figure out the right amount for your skin!

Can you use tallow for oily skin? Absolutely yes! When skin is stripped of its natural oils from over-cleansing and over-washing, it will overcompensate by producing too much oil. A pure and perfect moisturizer like tallow balm will help to keep skin happy and moisturized, and it won’t need to overproduce oil. 

Does it smell? Our products are made from pasture-raised leaf fat (suet). You may notice a "beefy" smell when purchasing tallow from the grocery store. At Sun & Moo, we process our tallow in a different fashion that eliminates most (if not all) of the unpleasant smell & results in an odorless and pristine white product. We also infuse fresh herbs in some of our products that contributes to a nice smelling product. We do not use any synthetic fragrance, as it is harmful to the skin, endocrine system and fertility. The herbs & oils are not added for perfumed delights - they are added for benefits.

Is tallow good for acne-prone skin? Yes! The antimicrobial, anti inflammatory, and skin repairing properties in grass-fed tallow can improve acne-prone skin. However, the condition of the skin is a reflection of what is going on in the gut - a cream or oil can only do so much. Acne is a type of inflammation that can be better managed through diet and lifestyle. We give more tips on how to heal your skin on our IG page and in our newsletter.

Is this product vegan? Due to the nature of tallow, none of the Sun & Moo products are considered vegan. Bioavailable vitamin A (retinol) is only available in animal products. Vitamin A from carrots and other vegetables contain the beta-carotene form of vitamin A and doesn't contain any retinol. Retinol does a lot for your skin - aging support, acne relief and overall skin rejuvenation. We believe in preserving the dignity of the animal by using all of the different parts and only source our ingredients from farms that raised their animals on thick, lush pasture & are humanely raised.

Which product would you recommend for me? If this is your first time trying tallow moisturizer and you are doubting the efficacy (especially for acne-prone/oily skin) we would recommend you begin with the 'Pure' and use it for 2-4 weeks daily to see skin benefit**. If you know that you do well with jojoba oil, we'd recommend using the "Simple Thing". If you have tried tallow balms before and wanted to go for a herbal-infused remedy, we would recommend the 'Age Reverse' for those wanting to prevent wrinkles, rejuvenate the skin, prompt new cell growth and prevent against UV damage OR the 'Mend Blend' for those who are seeking relief from itchy/dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, bug bites, burns and healing wounded skin. **None of our products at Sun & Moo contain essential oils that react poorly with sensitive skin. 

Does tallow moisturizer work for men as well? Absolutely! Everyone can benefit from using tallow on their skin. 

What is your refund policy? As of now, we do not offer refunds. Sun & Moo is a small woman-owned business that cannot afford to accept returns for the time being. If your jar is broken or there is a real issue with the product, we would happily send you a new jar of the product. Thank you for your understanding.

What about customs? We cannot control what each company charges for customs. As such, you can sometimes expect to pay something when you receive your order. We lose money when we ship internationally, but we really do want to find a solution soon to this.