A holistic approach to acne & blemishes

Read all of our favorite ways to help soothe acne & blemishes

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Our top products to combat acne & blemishes

1. The Clear One: tallow and healing flowers and herbs

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The Clear One tallow balm is an incredibly soothing formula that is full of ingredients known to fight acne and blemishes. For best results, it can be used in tandem with our cleansing oil called The Clear Oil.


"This is my first time trying tallow skincare and I’m amazed. I’ve used it twice since receiving it and I can already tell my skin is clearing up!"

Alyson S.

2. Mend Blend: Tallow, Jojoba, Chamomile and Calendula 

Mend Blend is another favorite for acne. Every ingredient we picked is incredibly soothing and calming for inflamed skin. It's also made without any essential oils, which will be ideal for  pregnant women as well. 


"I’m one my second jar and I’ve never found anything else that works so well! My acne has cleared up significantly since I started using this"

Olivia D.

3. The Soother: Tallow and Frankincense Resin

The Soother is lovely because it can be used for so many different skin irritations, including acne. 


"I’ve been using this one and it has been sooooo incredibly helpful healing my horrible acne I’ve had lately! Love it, and I also love that a little goes a long way!"

Jacqueline S.

What is acne? 

Acne is known as a skin condition that arises when sebaceous glands in the skin become inflamed or infected producing cysts, papules, pustules, white heads, black heads and pimples sometimes resulting in scarring.

Interesting fact: acne is the most common skin condition in the US.

Acne according to Traditional Chinese Medicine

This approach provides a way to support the skin from the inside out. From this perspective, it is understood that skin problems arise due to an imbalance deep in the body.

Heat can overwhelm digestive and reproductive organs which the body tries to release and sometimes it chooses the skin as a route leading to things like acne.
Acupuncture is often used when treating ailments from a TCM perspective. One study showed that acupuncture had a 94% success rate for patients with acne.

Cupping is also an effective treatment that helps draw out toxins and excess heat.

Additionally, herbal supplementation and dietary recommendations are made based on the patient's specific needs.

Acne according to modern western medicine

If topicals haven’t been working, dermatologists will provide patients with certain medications targeted for acne including oral birth control pills, spironolactone (usually prescribed as a diuretic but has been shown to help with oil production in the skin), Accutane, and antibiotics.
Many of these medications can cause additional unwanted side effects and can leave the body in a worse place than it was initially by throwing off hormonal balance and gut health in addition to increasing toxic loads in the body.
This approach just slaps on a temporary “Band-Aid” to the issue at hand. It does not address the root cause.

Our top tips for soothing acne

Topically, internally and emotionally


Focus on tallow based skincare, the most soothing ingredient of irritated skin. Avoid harsh soaps. Only touch your skin if necessary and with clean hands. Wash all of your makeup tools and brushes often. Change your sheets, and focus on noble materials like organic silk, linen or silk. 


Focus on foods that are easier to digest: animal foods like bone broth, marrow, liver, oysters, eggs and fats like butter/tallow, cheese if you're able to digest it properly. If your gut is more sensitive, avoid high lectin foods like beans, nuts, whole grains which can be harder to digest. Drink filtered water, ideally with electrolytes (salt and lemon is an easy drink). 


Speak kindly to yourself. Breathe through your stressful moments, and trust that your skin is healing. Acne is very emotional, and it seems to be worsened when we're anxious about acne. Remember that you are not your skin, and that you are beautiful!

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