The Beautiful Serum


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INGREDIENTS: Jojoba Oil*, Tsubaki Oil*, Bakuchiol Oil*, Castor Oil*, Frankincense Resin*, Rose Petals*, Green Tea*, Helichrysum*, Moringa Oil*, Siam Benzoin, Vitamin E and Rosemary Extract (*organic) 

Sun & Moo's The Beautiful Serum is a luxurious natural retinol alternative packed with powerful organic oils, herbs and flowers to promote the most youthful skin. For ideal results, use it in tandem with The Beautiful One, our colostrum based tallow treatment balm. 

  • Made with natural retinol alternative Bakuchiol
  • Promotes youthful, glowing skin

Smells like: sweet with a touch of frankincense

1. ORGANIC JOJOBA OIL: Technically, jojoba isn’t an oil, but a wax with powerful moisturizing properties. It’s known to closely mimic sebum - the skin’s natural oil. Jojoba oil is noncomedogenic and absorbs easily into the skin. Naturally contains vitamin E which improves skin hydration (even for those with oily skin) and can reverse the damage that free radicals cause to cells. 

2. ORGANIC TSUBAKI OIL: rich in oleic acid, it's an excellent oil to lock in moisture to protect your skin from drying. It can help support and repair the skin barrier, which is often stripped from most store-bought cleansers and acids. It's high in vitamins A, D, C and E, which makes it powerful as a protection against oxidative stress from the environment - stress that will make skin age prematurely. 

3. ORGANIC BAKUCHIOL OIL:  it's been taking over the organic skincare world, and we understand why. A natural (and safer!) alternative to Retin-A, bakuchiol can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles.  In studies bakuchiol is shown to significantly "reduce photodamage, hyperpigmentation, wrinkle scores and acne severity*". It also showed to have potential applications in healing psoriasis. 

4. ORGANIC CASTOR OIL: with consistent use, castor oil can lighten the appearance of dark spots and acne. It also can reduce inflammation and protect the skin against damage from too much sun. It is rich in antioxidants, which fight free radicals produced in the skin.

5. ORGANIC FRANKINCENSE RESIN: its astringent qualities help frankincense to reduce the depth of wrinkles, while also stimulating the growth of new cells which helps skin heal faster. 


can tighten large pores and soothe dry or sensitive skin

7. ORGANIC GREEN TEA: a study showed that skin damage caused by excessive sun-damage was reduced with the topical application of green tea. It can have a pronounced moisturizing effect on the skin.


a darling of natural skincare: Helichrysum means "immortelle", aka immortal. This plant is incredible in its anti-aging powers. It can reduce the appearance of age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone and texture irregularities.

9. ORGANIC MORINGA OIL: it contains zeatin which is a component that delays skin cell damage and increased cell regeneration. It also has vitamin C in it, which can help produce collagen in the skin and therefore reduce wrinkles and scars. 


- Cleanse your skin and hands. We prefer oil cleansing with The Clear Oil

- Optional step: Spray your face with your favorite hydrosol. We like to use The Rose Water

- Apply a few drops of The Beautiful Serum onto your skin. We like to make sure the glass dropper doesn't touch our skin directly. Pat the oil into your skin lightly

- Optional step: use a gua sha to massage the oil into your skin

- Optional step: follow up with The Beautiful One tallow balm treatment 

This is a 2fl oz bottle.